Dried Figs – A Prostate’s Best Friend

Nov 15

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and most you gents out there reading this take the adage to heart. You exercise, have regular appointments with your doctor, and watch your diet like a hawk. You know your anti-oxidants like the back of your hand, because I know that you know that anti-oxidants are your best line of defense against prostate cancer. Good for you!

If you love anti-oxidants, chances are you’ve groomed yourself to be a regular green tea drinker. However, did you know there’s one type of dried fruit that packs a ton of anti-oxidants and can give your meals, salads, and desserts a new kick?

Next time you find yourself in the dried fruit section, scope out for some dried figs. Yes, sirs, those able-bodied and manly Greeks must have been onto something. Dried figs not only packs a lot of anti-oxidants, but it can also give add to your daily dose of calcium, and fiber to flush those nasty cancer-causing carcinogens out.

photo credit: Xerones via photopin cc