Celebrities Who Are Prostate Cancer Survivors: Part II

Jan 12

In our second part of this series, we’re going to take a look at two particularly famous musicians who have become inspirations in their struggle with prostate cancer.


Harry Belafonte – This man is perhaps most famous for his rendition of The Banana Boat Song — You might know it better if someone were to sing “Day-o,, misseday-o, daylight come and me wanna go home.” He is an actor, singer, songwriter, and a staunch activist in the fight against prostate cancer, He was struck by the disease 1996, and sought treatment for it, and emerged with a clean bill of health. Since then, he has been very open and candid in his interviews about his experience and struggles with the disease.

James Brown – He has been dubbed “The Godfather of Soul”, and has lived up to being the hardest-working man in show business, much more when he came toe-to-toe with prostate cancer. In December 2004, he announced that he was afflicted with the disease, and would undergo surgery. No sooner had he healed, he got back to wow the crowds with his “Seven Days of Funk” world tour. This man really knows how to live it up, and keep feeling good!

photo credit: Piano Piano! via photopin cc