A first-line treatment for prostate cancer

Aug 15

A recent study has shown that “male lumpectomy”, a medical procedure used to treat prostate cancer, is as effective as surgery. And because of its minimally invasive nature, this is recommended as a first line treatment before any major surgery should be done. Here’s an excerpt from the original news report: The so-called “male...

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Tomato sauce can save your life

Aug 08

Studies have shown an inverse relationship between the ingestion of tomatoes, tomato sauce, and pizza with the development of prostate cancer. Tomatoes and tomato sauce contain high amounts of lycopene, a carotenoid. Other cartenoids are a-carotene, lutein, and b-cryptoxanthin; however, lycopene is the most efficient scavenger of singlet ...

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Trans Women and Prostate Cancer

Aug 01

Binary gender is now quickly becoming a thing of the past. Gender no longer lives within the confines of simply being defined as “straight male, straight female, gay and lesbian”. Trans men, trans women, genderqueer, genderfluid, two-spirit, agender… There are now as many expressions of gender as there are colors in an entire spectrum. Yes, gender is not...

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A dictionary of prostate cancer terms

Jul 24

Radical prostatectomy, cryosurgery, maximal androgen blockade. There are a lot of terms you may never have heard of before, but have learn quickly in order to understand this disease and the options for treatment. Prostate-cancer.org has a handy dictionary for you at this link of the common medical terms and acronyms you will need to master. Just click on the...

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Natural medicine for prostate cancer

Jul 17

Homeopathy, according to Wikipedia, is a form of alternative medicine that theorizes that an ill person can be treated using a substance that can produce, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the illness. They also prescribe the consumption of natural herbs instead of medicines, supplements, and antibiotics; and plant-based food instead of the Western...

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Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Jul 10

Cancer Help explains that: Cancer of the prostate often grows slowly, especially in older men. Symptoms may be mild and occur over many years. Sometimes the first symptoms are from prostate cancer cells which have spread to your bones. This may cause pain in your: Back Hips Pelvis Other bony areas Other suspicious symptoms are weight loss, particularly in elderly...

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Weight Fluctuations can influence ability to contract Prostate Cancer

Jul 03

It has been accepted that being overweight is grounds enough to assume that there is a higher chance of some medical condition. Much so that obesity has been blamed to be a cause of some of the world’s most deadly diseases such as colon cancer and other forms of the killer disease that it has received much attention from the medical field with custom treatments...

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