Prostate Cancer – Why is the PSA Test Important?

Nov 12

There is for men a notorious Positive Sign of Aging (PSA)! If you are a man, or a woman who cares for a man, any man, PSA needs be added to your annual list of reminders, particularly and especially for those past 40.This Positive Sign of Aging (not a medical term, just another way to catch your eye) really deals with a man’s prostate. Statistics demonstrate...

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Nov 05

Smoking does not cause prostate cancer per se. Research about the possible link between the two shows that tobacco intake may only aid the spread of the cancer to other parts of the body. Apparently, tobacco components induce the growth or development of the infected cells. The study shows that younger men who had a history on smoking and are diagnosed with...

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The Debate Continues

Oct 29

Regarding the safety of the food additive we simply know as MSG, one of the most widely used the world over. Now how has the stated additive gotten into hot water in the first place? Well we can blame good old fear of competition for that for as it turns out, it all began when Chinese Restaurants were beginning to dent the market of other dining establishments the...

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Oct 22

Prostate cancer is the second largest killer disease in men. However, if  detected early, chances are, it is 100% curable. Like any other cancer illness, this cannot be prevented. But there are measures ion order to reduce the risk of having this ailment. Eat well. Limit your intake of high-fat foods and emphasizing mostly on fruits and vegetables. Foods that are...

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Tomato sauce can save your life

Oct 15

Studies have shown an inverse relationship between the ingestion of tomatoes, tomato sauce, and pizza with the development of prostate cancer. Tomatoes and tomato sauce contain high amounts of lycopene, a carotenoid. Other cartenoids are a-carotene, lutein, and b-cryptoxanthin; however, lycopene is the most efficient scavenger of singlet ...

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Diagnosing the Spread of Prostate Cancer

Oct 08

Metastatic Prostate Cancer is known to be the main cause of death due to prostate cancer which is simply the spread of the disease to other parts of the human body. Using molecular technology to determine the mechanisms which are responsible for the spread of such diseases is seen to be one of the most promising approaches to properly determine the diagnosis and...

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Obesity increases mortality

Oct 01

There are studies conducted involving the link between prostate cancer and obesity. Results show that obese men are more likely to die from prostate cancer than those with normal weight. But there was no evidence increasing the rate of incidence for obese men to have prostate cancer. It is only on the mortality from the disease which was linked with a person’s...

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