Radical Prostatectomy

Apr 10

One of the treatments available for prostate cancer patients is radical prostatectomy. It is a surgery wherein the entire prostate gland and some of the tissues surrounding it will be removed and it is done in an open or laparoscopic surgery. Undergoing in a radical prostatectomy has several advantages. The prostate will be completely removed and assures long...

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The homeopathic approach

Apr 02

Homeopathy does not treat the cancer. Homeopathy treats the patient who has cancer… by stimulating the body’s own healing intelligence so as to activate the healing process. This is the essential distinction between the orthodox medical approach to cancer, which seeks to destroy the tumour, and the...

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Proposed Treatment Raises Complications

Mar 26

Doctors have long been looking for the magic bullet that would miraculously cure the many diseases that plagues human beings leading to much death and despair. A new technique that is based simply on the premise that blocking the insulin-like growth factor (IGN-1) has been disproved by new studies for the blocking of IGF interacted with cancer suppression gene p53...

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Biomarker test Seen to be more Accurate in detecting Prostate Cancer

Mar 19

Researchers in the University of Michigan are developing and testing a urine test that is more accurate than current screening methods in the drive to detect prostate cancer earlier. The test that comes as a urine test screens for the presence of four different RNA markers has been successful in detecting 80% of all cases in a study that was done to detect the...

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A dictionary of prostate cancer terms

Mar 12

Radical prostatectomy, cryosurgery, maximal androgen blockade. There are a lot of terms you may never have heard of before, but have learn quickly in order to understand this disease and the options for treatment. Prostate-cancer.org has a handy dictionary for you at this link of the common medical terms and acronyms you will need to master. Just click on the...

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Supporting a Husband with Prostate Cancer

Mar 05

When your husband is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, it is you who he needs the most. Since prostate cancer is undeniably a devastating illness, there are things you can do to help your spouse get through his treatment and recovery more smoothly. • Show how much you love him and provide him all the emotional support. Be his shoulder; give him the strength to stay...

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Hormonal Therapy

Feb 26

There are several forms of hormonal therapy, three of them are: Orchiectomy is surgery to remove the testicles. Because the testicles make most of the body’s testosterone, after orchiectomy testosterone levels drop. Now the prostate not only lacks the testosterone stimulus to produce DHT, but also it does not have enough testosterone to transform into...

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